Former UNLV student opens Italian restaurant

Former UNLV student opens Italian restaurant

A new restaurant is opening on Friday with some homegrown connections.

Plantone’s Italian Market off Durango Drive and Warm Springs Road is getting a lot of buzz for its fresh food and local focus.

Glenn Plantone graduated from UNLV in 1983. His career has taken him from restaurant management to real estate, but his dream was to open his own Italian restaurant; a dream that’s now a reality.

“There are some good Italian restaurants where you can sit down, but people want quick they want to go for lunch or dinner they want fast or reasonable they want value, they want good pricing and that’s what we decided to put together,” Plantone said.

It’s a modern fresh take on the traditional Italian deli with several of the menu items made from scratch. Calzone, and lasagna, hand pulled mozzarella, house roasted red peppers, fresh dough and for cooking their pizza, a top of the line oven.

“It’s a gas, brick Italian rotating oven. It only takes 90 seconds to cook the pizza so we have a secret pizza recipe for the dough and it just comes out fabulous,” Plantone said.

He also wants to focus on giving back to the community. Every month between five to seven percent of Plantone’s profit will go to support a different charity.

“We have 12 that we’ve picked out for next year. One will be UNLV and one will be Paul Smith’s College, the two schools that I went to for hotel management and we’ve got several charities picked out.”

With so much interest, Plantone is already planning his second location. The goal is five locations around Las Vegas, and then expanding outside the market.


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